Web Design

Website Design and Content

  • We offer large organizations options for branded platforms through Partners such as Behavioral Health Innovation.
  • For large organizations that prefer to build a platform in-house, we can advise as to the appropriate applications and content for ease of use and ethical delivery of services.
  • For the individual practitioner be sure your website meets the standards of our Ethical Framework .
  • If you are in private practice have a website but you are interested in utilizing an existing platform that you can use with your online clients, consider an e-clinic and directory site such as Counsol.com.
  • If you are interested in having a website built, consider the site build by someone who has experience building websites for therapists, particularly online therapists. 

We are available for consultation in-person or online for large organizations. Individual practitioners can be self-directed through our Frequently Asked Questions page and can view an example of a very simple website build through Vistaprint at www.claralang.com.