The new scoop on our online therapy courses and certifications!

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We continue to receive many inquiries about our online therapy training! Our most popular course offerings Certified Cyber Therapist – CCT (15 clock hours) Specialist Certificate in Online Therapy (30 clock hours) Certified Cyber Facilitator- CCF  (60 clock hours) We offer training from a global perspective- our courses involve experiential and reflective learning in an asynchronous… [Read More]

Behavioural Pressure in Cyberspace – Building Internal Resources and Resilience in Young People

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Young people using cyberspace via any device that enables them to communicate with others digitally, and in particular the internet to access websites and social media, are under a considerable amount of peer pressure and what seems to be trickery and/or good (although sneaky) marketing techniques employed by app/game/sales developers. Underdeveloped cognitive systems, such as… [Read More]

Cybersupervision Endings – Part Two

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It is strange how things come together. When I wrote the column for the last edition, I had no conscious awareness that I was thinking about my ending here, and my decision to make this my final contribution. In fact interestingly I had even temporarily forgotten that this had been the focus of that issue… [Read More]

Not So Secret Secrets

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If you’re not in on the secret already, Whisper is an app that lets you post your secrets anonymously overlayed on top of a stock photo or an image that you provide. You are also able to communicate with others anonymously on Whisper by either publicly or privately sending a reply to one of their… [Read More]

Certified Aroma Coach

Certified Aroma Coach OAI

Many Online Therapy Institute subscribers, followers, readers and students know that one 1/2 of OTI has gone “pixie.” That’s me, DeeAnna. Kate is holding down the tech fort while I am venturing out into the Complementary and Alternative (CAM) landscape. In fact you may have seen some CAM offerings in TILT Magazine over the past… [Read More]

Coach course discounts for the New Year at ILCT!


Some of you may know that along with teaching online courses at Online Therapy Institute, Kate and DeeAnna are also faculty at ILCT (The Institute for Life Coach Training). ILCT is offering a super duper special to usher in the new year.  So if you are a BCC or an ICF coach in need of continuing education… [Read More]

Experiencing the Online Therapy Institute Reiki course

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It’s Never Too Late…To Go Back to School… I never thought I would be writing an article like this but here I am. I was initiated into Reiki for the first time over 10 years ago. I have been using Reiki in various forms ever since. On a personal level I have used Reiki with… [Read More]