Storytelling as a Marketing Strategy

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Mental health practitioners, coaches and healers are well versed in the role of narrative and storytelling in psychotherapy. Essentially an inherently narrative process, psychotherapy also uses stories as inspiration to clients, and in therapeutic and mutual storytelling approaches. This storytelling strategy can be applied equally well within your marketing strategy. Through blogs, online or self-published… [Read More]

For the Love of Books

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“Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks.”  ― Dr. Seuss The CAM Coach: Reveals the Proficiencies, Practical Steps and the Inspiration you Need to Set Up and Enjoy an Outstanding Practice Mark Shields and Simon Martin The CAM coach brings together the writing partnership of Mark Shields… [Read More]

Online Social Gaming – Why Should We Be Worried?

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Social media platforms have undoubtedly impacted on many areas of our lives. Even if we have no use for computer or smartphone communication, we are bombarded by the ubiquitous blue thumbs-up or the Twitter bird in our TV advertising or high street browsing. At the extreme end in the social media we hear of cyberbullying… [Read More]

Leaving a Legacy – the Generation Y Approach to Mental Health Solutions


“No health without mental health” is the new ‘buzz-phrase’ used by the government to highlight its commitment to psychological well-being, and I couldn’t agree more with it. In popular culture there is a huge emphasis on maintaining physical health; you can’t turn on the TV or surf the internet without seeing a programme promoting a… [Read More]

The scoop on our online therapy courses and certifications!

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We continue to receive many inquiries about our online therapy training! Our most popular course offerings Certified Cyber Therapist – CCT (15 clock hours) Specialist Certificate in Online Therapy (30 clock hours) Certified Cyber Facilitator- CCF  (60 clock hours) We offer training from a global perspective- our courses involve experiential and reflective learning in an asynchronous… [Read More]

Behavioural Pressure in Cyberspace – Building Internal Resources and Resilience in Young People

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Young people using cyberspace via any device that enables them to communicate with others digitally, and in particular the internet to access websites and social media, are under a considerable amount of peer pressure and what seems to be trickery and/or good (although sneaky) marketing techniques employed by app/game/sales developers. Underdeveloped cognitive systems, such as… [Read More]