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TILT Magazine~ Therapeutic Innovations in Light of Technology– is published quarterly by Online Therapy Institute, Inc. dba Online Coach Institute.

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About TILT Magazine

TILT is about envisioning therapeutic interventions in a new way. While Kate was visiting DeeAnna on the Jersey Shore, they took a late afternoon boat ride and a display of sail boats tilting against the sunset came within view. It reminded them how, as helping professionals, we should always be willing to tilt our heads a bit to be able to envision which innovations – however seemingly unconventional – may fit our clients’ needs. Our clients are experiencing issues in new ways in light of the presence of technology in their lives. As helping professionals, so are we. TILT and the Online Therapy Institute is about embracing the changes technology brings to the profession, keeping you informed and aware of those developments, and entertaining you along the way.

“TILT Magazine is a great resource if you want to understand more about how technology is being embraced by our clients therapeutically. It’s a must read for practitioners wanting to develop an ethical practice online. A refreshing, innovative and engaging magazine, in a fast developing field.”
Nicola Banning, Editor of the BACP Workplace journal, Counselling at work..

TILT Magazine Staff

Managing Editors: Kate Anthony & DeeAnna Merz Nagel..

Magazine Distribution Coordinator Sophia Zollman

Magazine Design and Layout Delaine Ulmer

Associate Editor for Research Stephen Goss

Associate Editor for Innovations Thomas Tsakounis

Associate Editor for Supervision Cedric Speyer

Associate Editor for Social Media Judyth Brown



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