What is Kybernetes Reiki?

lotus2-286x300Kybernetes Reiki is a Reiki philosophy and method developed by Online Therapy Insittute that recognizes the impact cyberspace and cyberculture has on the healing community.

“Cyber” is a prefix used to describe a person, thing, or idea as part of the computer and information age. The term “cybernetics”  from Ancient Greek origin κυβερνήτης (kybernetes, “steersman, pilot, guide”)  was a word coined by Norbert Wiener in 1948.

We have created a certification that embraces the true Reiki philosophy that Reiki energy – Source energy- transcends time and space and that everyone should have access to the teachings and attunement.

I became a Reiki Master Teacher because I believe in energy, spirit, and healing from a distance and I have a desire to teach others.  Attunement, online or in-person, has the purpose of setting the intention.

I have practiced online therapy and coaching for 15 years so distant healing is not a foreign concept for me. Reiki distant healing is the perfect segue for a spiritual, intuitive and intentional healing process.

Likewise, I believe that distant training and attunement is just as valid as in-person training and attunement. Online Therapy Institute’s Certified Kybernetes Reiki Master course places an emphasis on distant healing and the use of technology, with the understanding that cyberspace is a culture unto its own.

The training also focuses on the ethical implementation of Reiki into the coach, therapist, healer’s repetoire and discusses reliable ways to deliver Reiki via technology, including methods of delivery ranging from email to avatars. Maintaining client confidentiality online is as important to the Reiki practitioner as it is to the medical doctor.

Kyberetes Reiki focuses on the intentional use of Source energy via distance and through cyberspace for the purposes of healing. Reiki energy transcends time and space. All Reiki practitioners agree with this, so doesn’t it make sense that we utilize Reiki online, both practicing and teaching, so that more and more people can experience this gift of Reiki?

The days of having to travel up to or down from the mountain top to receive an in-person attunement are over. We have the technology to reach many people.

To receive the credential of Certified Reiki Master Teacher: Kybernetes Method you must have already completed Reiki I, II & III to Master Teacher Level. Reiki I, II & III training can be obtained here at Online Therapy Institute and we also accept proof of other Reiki training, whether the training was obtained online or in-person.



If you are interested in learning about Reiki to Reiki Level I we offer a very inexpensive 1st level course. We want people to become attuned to Reiki to help themselves and their loved ones. The course is $65 and feedback is offered throughout. Keep in mind, if you are seeking traditional Reiki training, this may not meet your needs. In countries such as the UK, Reiki training and practice is regulated and only in-person training and attunement is accepted, however, our certification may appeal to those traditionally trained as professional development and continuing education.