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Innovations 21 1

Apps: Technology Driven Mental Health Resources

+-*Those who facilitate healing understand the importance of empowerment. Working diligently to nurture, support and create an environment conducive to self-actualization is the goal in so many of those healing modalities. It would seem reasonable to include the mental and behavioral health modalities in these assertions and as a licensed clinical professional counselor I will… [Read More]


OTI Offers Scholarships for CAM Courses and Certifications

+-*While we continue to promote all the goodness of telemental health and online therapy, you may have noticed that we have branched out into Complimentary and Alternative Modalities (CAM) and we have extended that interest to Online Therapy Institute, even forming a division of OTI- Online Aromatherapy Institute. Several years ago DeeAnna became a Wellness Coach. Since that time DeeAnna… [Read More]

Cybersupervision 21 feature 3

Pathways to E-Mastery: A Supervisor’s Guidebook

+-*Editor’s note: Welcome to Cedric as our new CyberSupervision columnist! Here, we welcome him with a feature article introducing his methods and approach. “Words can sometimes, in moments of grace, attain the quality of deeds.”  – Elie Wiesel “I usually focus on client strengths from the beginning of the correspondence, as well as touching upon inner… [Read More]

A Therapist Guide 2

A Therapist and Coach Guide to Encryption

+-*[TILT Readers: Receive a discount at – scroll down for details] True or False: If you use an encrypted email service to send emails to clients, you are in compliance with HIPAA. False.  True or False: Skype is a HIPAA compliant video therapy solution because it uses encryption. False. Confused? You aren’t alone! Encryption,… [Read More]

TILT 21 Winter 2015

The latest edition of TILT Magazine is here! Winter 2015

+-*Welcome (or welcome back!) to Therapeutic Innovations in Light of Technology.  We are pleased to bring you the second issue in Volume Five, funded by you our readers through our Kickstarter campaign! So what do we have lined up for you?! John Wilson of OnlinEvents and Kate write about the great free webinar opportunities that… [Read More]